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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Camp Half Blood- December Hoff- Christmas at Camp

December 25,
December peered out the window at the falling flakes. A skinny boy trudge through the inches of snow that had already fallen. His black hair flopped over his light blue eyes. A black blindfold was clutched tightly in one hand. His other hand hovered uncertainly in front of the door. Summer yanked the door open and nearly tackled him in a bear hug. Renoir staggered backwards from her skinny frame. The two whirled around to face December.
"December, hurry up!" said Summer, bouncing on her heels. December smiled and struggled to light the fire. Jillian twirled her streaked hair around her finger and watched December’s attempts with amusement.
"Here," she said, snitching the match box before December could resist or protest. The fire blazed to life warming the way-too crammed cabin. December sat cross-legged on the floor and watched the lights dim. A dark red curtain was opened to reveal a dark skinned girl with dreadlocks. She staggered forward with a cane. Her features were screwed up to look like an old person. December recognized her bunk buddy Ivy. She was hobbling forward with her crutch. The crowd howled with laughter at Ivy’s next line. Something distracted December from her small group of siblings. Three people entered quietly in the back. One was that irritating little huntress of Artemis. The other was another Asian named Andrew. The third was the object of December’s interest. His dark hair swept across his olive-colored skin as he gazed up intently at Ivy who was making everyone cry laughing. She bit her glossy lip and tried to focus on the play in front of her. The sweater that had been so comfortable earlier was becoming itchy and hot. Without warning, December sprang nimbly to her feet and grabbed her jacket on the way out. Her chestnut colored hair tumbled over her shoulders and scarf. In the night, her eyes looked dark blue. The snowflakes fell softly on top of her white hat. December did not hear the door softly click behind her. She turned slowly with her arms stretched out wide to catch any snowflakes. She caught sight of Dorian heading her way across the grounds to the frozen pond. His black eyes were shadowed mysteriously by his covering of swishy hair. The archway above December sprouted a sprig of mistletoe.
"What are you doing out here, Decie?" asked Dorian, comfortably stepping close to her. Her gaze wandered listlessly across the winter wonderland.
"I needed a walk," she replied, her gaze drifting almost lazily to the sprig of mistletoe. Her usual smirk was gone leaving an unfamiliar, wondering expression on her face. The moonlight lit the silver eyeliner and made her eyes glow in a bewitching manner. A small puff of air escaped Dorian as he exhaled. The white cloud disappeared in another cloud from December’s mouth.
"You don’t get cold, do you?" asked Dorian, rubbing his hands together while trying to warm them. December smiled faintly.
"No, not really," she replied, her gaze drifting back to the mistletoe. She could have sworn that she heard a chuckle from some hidden nymph.
"So I don’t have an excuse to wrap my arms around you then?" asked Dorian, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. His Greek accent overlaid his speech thickly. December’s cheeks tinged slightly pink.
"Not so much," she replied, not realizing until that moment how close they were standing. His breath was shockingly warm against her pink nose. It was funny how much they had detested each other when they first met, thought December. Now...
December quenched her giddy desire to run away and scream a high-pitched, girly shriek at the top of her lungs. Her eyelids closed just before their lips connected. A cold wind blasted her hair every which way. Her eyes opened briefly to see what all the commotion was about. Her eyes widened as she realized a cold wind had whipped around and gathered snow into a cyclone around them. The wind lowered them when Dorian pulled away. December blushed more but nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard a loud herumph from the direction of the cabin. She turned her head in surprise to see her two siblings struggling on the porch. Summer was attempting to hold back Renoir who apparently had been told that his big sister was making out with some guy. He was struggling against her skinny arms in vain. December’s laugh tinkled out in the nippy air. December turned back to him with a slight smirk playing at her lips.
"I don’t think that my family approves," she chuckled, her cold hands on his face. His dark eyes darted to the siblings and came back to her with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.
"I guess they aren’t going to be happy with me after this," responded Dorian, slipping one arm around her waist and positioning her head with the other. The hand slipped under her jaw and pressed her head towards his while he kissed her again. Renoir gave an unmanly squeak as he struggled against his thirteen year old sister who was winning the fight. The couple laughed again as they kissed under the mistletoe.

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